Learning The Real World with Shae

In this case, Shae is neither a girl’s name nor a person’s name. Shae is the name of a design shop created by my daughter. And she agrees to donate 50% of the profit to Bulan Project, and will invest the rest back into the business. I can’t be more proud!

At the beginning when I started Bulan Project, I was always thinking that this project is meant to help underpriviledged girls and young women in Indonesia. it still is. But now, that my own daughter wants to sell her design for profit, I think this is an opportunity for her (and me for it matters) to learn, not only the business aspect, but also the social side of it. So in some way, Bulan Project also helps my daughter learn the real world.

The best method to learn is doing it. Through Shae, she learns a lot of things beside the product creation itself. She learns how to promote and get to know the market, how to send and receive data, how to communicate with buyers, and most importantly how to face setback and dissapointment but get up again. They don’t teach this stuff at the school.

I want her to also understand, having a business is not all about earning a lot of money. Having a business means giving back to community as well. Because a business is a part of a community, and no community can survive without businesses. They live in symbiosis with each other.

Through Shae, I hope she understands how lucky and priviledged she is that she has choices of what she wants to do, that she has all these opportunities to grow. Even as simple things as she has a safe roof to sleep under and no worries whether she has enough to eat today and tomorrow. The same things cannot be said for the most Bulan Project girls.

More about Shae on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShaeWorld
50% of the profit will go to the fund Bulan Project, and the rest will be invested back into the business.