Bulan Project collects fund to support its goals mainly on a donation basis. We are depending on you to make it happen.

The Fund

The fund will be used in the forms of:

  • scholarship —
    • paying the girls’ tuition until graduation (max. 4-year higher education)
    • books and education materials
    • transportation and basic living costs
  • “investment” —  
    • founding a real startup, of which the girls are the founders
    • building the product and service the startup wants to offer
    • daily operation
    • marketing
    • eventually for hiring employees

“Investment” means: through Bulan Project, a donator is not an investor, therefore no ROIs are expected from the startup. In any case nevertheless, if the startup is thriving, and you as a donator want to be an investor as well, you can do it directly with the founders, and not in the context of the project.

Bulan Project itself does not take any cut from the fund, we don’t get paid through Bulan Project and we work for the project outside of our normal working hours. However, there may be small operational fee that we can not avoid such as domain registration and web hosting, tax accountant fee, government-related paperwork, etc.

Participant Selection

In reality, not all girls want to or are perfect fit to have a degree, found a startup, and be a leader. This is our main job to select the girls that are fit for the program, based on:

  • personal and educational backgrounds
  • life goals
  • personality
  • Age between 18 and 30 years old

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash