Learning The Real World with Shae

In this case, Shae is neither a girl’s name nor a person’s name. Shae is the name of a design shop created by my daughter. And she agrees to donate 50% of the profit to Bulan Project, and will invest the rest back into the business. I can’t be more proud!

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Sefinka at 7 years old

Sefinka (20), Jakarta

Sefinka is our first beneficiary of this program since 2019. She was born in 2000 in Jakarta. In 2016 her dad, only 40 years old, passed away of a sudden heart attack. At that time, her parents had been already divorced and lived separated, and her brother was only 8 years old. Perhaps you can imagine how hard the life was for her and her brother. Or, perhaps you can’t.

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Winda (12) and Pia (8), at Nipah Village, Lombok

My plan to visit one of the orphanages in Lombok didn’t quite go as planned. I underestimated the travel time around Lombok and also, since I was officially in vacation with my family, I had to prioritise what my family wanted to do and see on the island. Besides, the orphanages have actually opening hours, so by the time we had done with our leisure plans, it was already too late to visit one.

Nevertheless, I still managed to make the donation to someone who really needs it. And let me say thank you for all of you who are very kind to make this donation possible.

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Orphanages in Lombok, Indonesia

(Donations are welcome)

On March 2-7, 2020 I will be in Lombok, one of many of paradise islands in Indonesia. The first main reason was actually to have a vacation over there, along with my family. But then I started thinking, “Hey, while I’m there having a good time, why don’t I also visit one or two of local orphanages, greet them and get to know them personally? It wouldn’t take too much time”.

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Why I am starting Bulan Project

If you don’t know what exactly Bulan Project is doing, you can read it here, here, and here.

Women create lives out of pure love. They carry these small lives around for 9-10 months, limiting their activities and movement, figuratively and literally speaking. In some cases they even have to give up the jobs they love. From then on, women can’t do whatever they like anymore because they have another person (sometimes even more!) living in their bodies they are responsible of. Their own bodies even change.

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