Orphanages in Lombok, Indonesia

(Donations are welcome)

On March 2-7, 2020 I will be in Lombok, one of many of paradise islands in Indonesia. The first main reason was actually to have a vacation over there, along with my family. But then I started thinking, “Hey, while I’m there having a good time, why don’t I also visit one or two of local orphanages, greet them and get to know them personally? It wouldn’t take too much time”.

Besides, as we all know, Lombok suffered a big earthquake in 2018, which destroyed many buildings and lives. Even until today, people are still rebuilding the island from the earthquake. So, it is interesting for me to also take a look firsthand how it is now.

I must admit, the last time I visited an orphanage, as far as I can remember, was when I was still in junior high school, 30 years ago. It was my junior high school’s program. I remembered playing with the younger kids at this orphanage. It was such a great image to see the kids all playing and smiling even though they didn’t have parents, an own house, the latest Nike Air Jordan shoes, or Germany’s football team jersey. But they had more important things: family and friends, who took care of them and loved them.

Back to Lombok.

I don’t have any expectation of this old image when I visit an orphanage in Lombok. I’m even still not sure which one I will be visiting. But I hope at least, I get to meet the staff, hear their stories, and see with my own eyes how the kids are doing.

If you want to help me make donation on this orphanage, please read this 5-second instruction on how to send your donation. I will write another post for a report on this.

Header Photo by Yannis H on Unsplash